The Inspiring Reason Jen Widerstrom Shared This \’Embarrassing\’ Photo

Leave it to Jen Widerstrom to remind us that positivity is the best way?forward.?The Biggest Loser trainer posted an old photo of herself to Instagram yesterday to exhibit her followers that people all start somewhere.?

\”THIS IS ME,\” Widerstrom?wrote in the caption to the?snapshot that was taken years ago, when the fitness star?was at a higher weight. \”I\’ve never posted this photo, embarrassed by what you may think of me today.\”

This really is ME. . I've never posted this photo, embarrassed by what you may think of me however nowadays it was vital to talk about. We all have a story- we all have a location where we started and don't want to go back to. We all have qualities which are still part of us that we don't want anyone to see, even if we've managed to shift our appearances to cover them. Sometimes I'm scared if I'll be able to keep up my healthy lifestyle and will revert to where I was- i quickly slow myself down and don\’t forget that each day I get to make a choice on whether fear will control my entire life or otherwise. Everyone has the power to make this choice. . Especially following the UK bombing at the @arianagrande concert yesterday it is in our face of methods precious life is. I urge you to definitely not be shackled by your undigested pockets of pain… All of us find yourself in trouble, as you can see so I, but what are you awaiting? Be larger than your pain. Tomorrow may be too late — I NEED YOU TO START LIVING TODAY.

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This isn\’t first time the trainer?has shared an unflattering photo to create a point. Just last fall she provided visual proof that even?fitness stars?have stomach rolls (preach).?

In her latest motivational post, Widerstrom?procedes to encourage?her 246,000 followers to embrace their past, even if it\’s painful.?\”We have the ability to a story,\” she wrote. \”We have the ability to a place we started and do not want to return to.\”

She admits her very own insecurities occasionally get to her:?\”Sometimes I\’m scared if I\’ll be able to keep up my healthy way of life and revert back to where I was-then I slow myself down and don\’t forget that every day I recieve to make a choice on whether fear controls my life or not.\”

Widerstrom, who published her book?Diet Right for Your Personality Type in February, cautions us not to let fear?dictate our lives:?\”WE ALL get stuck, as you can tell so do I, but what exactly are you waiting for? Be larger than your pain.\”

And she would like you to definitely do it now.?\”Tomorrow may be too late,\” Widerstrom?wrote. \”I Need START TODAY.\”