A 20-Minute Fat-Burning Kettlebell Workout

If you need to fast-track your muscle-building goals, the classic kettlebell is the tool you need. This weight is super versatile, and you can easily incorporate it to your usual routine while sculpting more muscle.?

Looking to melt fat as well? Choose a fast-paced circuit workout that uses a kettlebell-like the main one within this video. It is a custom routine that Frank Baptiste, fitness coach and founding father of FranklyFitness, made for Health. It includes two circuits which are repeated twice. Each circuit is just three minutes long, try not to be fooled, you are going to break a sweat.

When picking a kettlebell with this workout, Frank recommends staying with one which you are able to press too deep 10 times while maintaining proper form. Which means the load should be lighter than a single you\’d decide for, say, a squat workout, since you\’ll be using it for various quick movements.?

The workout itself includes both bilateral and unilateral movements, as well as a combo of pushing and pulling motions to bolster top of the body. There\’s balance training here too-in other words, your entire body is going to be worked towards the max. Grab a kettlebell and give this awesome, fat-burning workout a go!

-Clap jacks

-Regular jumping jacks

-Inchworm into a push-up

-Swing to a thruster (8 reps)

-Bent over row (15 reps)

-Swings (20 reps)

20 second break. Repeat first circuit.

-Windmill (8 reps)

-Romanian deadlift with bent over row (8 reps)

20 second break. Repeat second circuit.