Second Qualifier for 2019 CrossFit Games Announced

Well, the floodgates seem to have broken for the announcements from the newly structured 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games qualifiers/official sanctioned events. Just in case you’re late to the party, we’ll catch you up on all of the details below, however for those who have been following closely to any or all from the reported Reebok CrossFit Games changes for 2019, the 2nd sanctioned event continues to be announced.

Earlier today in a?pr release shared on PR Newswire, CrossFit, Inc. announced that the 2019 Granite Games have been chosen because the second event for everyone as one of the CrossFit-sanctioned Qualifiers. CrossFit states within the press release the four-day competition will now take place in June 2019, as opposed to its normal fall schedule.

This event may come as the 2nd qualifier that’s been released, as late a week ago CrossFit, Inc. announced that the Dubai CrossFit Championships, that are taking place from December 12th-15th, will serve as the first.

In the corresponding pr release for the Granite Games announcement, Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s Founder and Chairman states,?“The Granite Games is our second sanctioned event partner and a part of a brand new chapter for CrossFit. Through sanctioned events such as this one, we’ll be able to keep pace with the explosive growth and curiosity about the Games – and serve our affiliates, trainers, and athletes simultaneously.”

Similar to what’s been reported already on how the Qualifiers will run for that 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games season, the top finishing male, female, and team [according to the new rules] at the Granite Games will punch a ticket towards the Games.

For the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games, there will be 16 total Qualifiers/CrossFit HQ-run sanctioned events. At each of these events, the very best male, female, and team will punch a ticket towards the Games. By at this time, there have been two Qualifiers announced, but there’s been no mention as to their ordering, so there could very well be events before them.

In accessory for the currently reported changes, Glassman also revealed additional information concerning the upcoming Games season in an interview with Girls Gone WOD. To read more about the alterations and confirmation of re-structure, take a look, here!