6 Slam Ball Exercises for Stronger Legs and Glutes

This is a partial workout. You\’ll find all of those other moves at?Life by Daily Burn.

When you look at a?slam ball, leg and glute exercises may not be first of all , one thinks of. But incorporating this soft weighted ball into your booty routine will work your lower half hard. Weak hamstrings, glutes and hips can result in?knee?and back pain. So if you\’re looking for a method to strengthen these muscles, while building power, the slam ball can kill two birds with one big, squishy ball.

Gerren Liles,?PROJECT by Equinox?master trainer and Reebok ONE Elite ambassador likes to apply it a fast leg workout. \”The slam ball is a simple tool that allows you to relocate multiple dimensions and directions, and may serve as a load to develop strength and power,\” Liles says.

In accessory for tightening and toning, the slam ball creates an unstable environment that forces your body to operate harder to?balance?weight. (Stability challenge, anyone?) And since you\’ll move in different planes of movement, you\’ll work your?core, legs and?arms, too.

\”The ball can be used a prop to challenge your stability, as you\’ll see in the Bulgarian squat and soccer tap drill. It is also used as a form of resistance within the squat with front push and hamstring curls,\” Liles explains. Take a look at precisely how versatile this space-efficient piece of equipment can be in the six exercises below.

These moves will not only blast your lower half, they\’ll help improve your ankle mobility, agility and reflexes. Then add intensity, and they\’ll get your heart rate up, too, Liles says. Do Eight to ten reps of every exercise for 2 sets.

GIFs: Tiffany Ayuda / Life by Daily Burn

This variation of the squat challenges your balance. To maintain your foot from rolling off the ball, engage your core so you can move with increased control, Liles says.

Stand with your feet together in front of a slam ball. Step your right foot back and put your toes on top of the ball?. Keeping the weight inside your left heel, slowly decrease your body right into a lunge, bending your right knee for the floor. Your left knee should form a 90-degree angle towards the floor. Be sure your left knee is stacked above your ankle?. Straighten both legs and return to standing?.

Take your?glute bridges?one stage further with this particular variation that also strengthens your hamstrings. The possible lack of area on the ball is an added challenge to creating the movement slower.

Lay lying on your back together with your hips lifted started as well as your calves and heels over the ball. Plant their hands on the floor at your sides?. Draw your heels in toward your butt with control, bending your legs. Your hips should elevate even higher while you squeeze your glutes to bring your heels in?. Slowly extend your legs out towards the starting position?.

Your quads, hamstrings and glutes are some of the biggest muscles groups in your body. This simple move fires up all three, helping you torch more calories per workout.

Lie flat on your back and put the ball between your calves with your knees bent. For an added core challenge, you can lift your go the ground and produce your chin towards your chest?. Without moving your hips, bring your legs upright for the ceiling?. Then, bend your knees until the ball touches the rear of your legs. Remember to press your low-back in to the floor throughout the entire movement?.