New Elimination Style Format Visiting 2019 CrossFit Games

Over the weekend, Armen Hammer released a video that revealed additional information and additional clarification for some the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games changes. Within the report in the video on ArmenHammerTV’s YouTube channel, Hammer were built with a telephone call with Greg Glassman, CEO and founding father of CrossFit, who helped provide further information regarding what’s been already announced to the public about all the Games changes.

2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Changes

Age Groups and also the CrossFit Games

Out of all of the athletes that aspire to compete within the 2019 CrossFit Games season, it appears the teens and masters are the least impacted by all the changes. These age groups will still compete in the in the normal CrossFit Open, then be eligible for a a time group online qualifying round to earn a ticket towards the Games.

In the report, Hammer mentions the numbers may be slightly various and the entire quantity of athletes that may qualify with the online qualifiers may be less than previous years. There has been no official details announced in reference to the “numbers being different” when it comes to age brackets, total volume of athletes permitted, and so forth.


Potentially the biggest change for the 2019 CrossFit Games athletes originates from the teams side from the competition. As opposed to previous years where teams could stamp a ticket to the Games by qualifying in the Open, then finishing towards the top of the leaderboard at Regionals, the 2019 CrossFit Games will only allow teams to qualify by winning one of the 16 sanctioned events.

In terms of total volume of team bound athletes, that’s a major change in participation. Additionally, the formatting for team’s rosters have changed. In the past years, athletes would have to all workout at the same CrossFit Affiliate and would have one more rule regarding their residency timeline, however this year completely scraps those prior limitations.

Teams for the 2019 CrossFit Games can be composed with whomever they choose, and there aren\’t any guidelines in terms of who can be recruited. In the report, Hammer states the male, male, female, female teams have total free-reign over their roster, and may only qualify by winning one of the sanctioned events.

Sanctioned Events

As mentioned previously and in the first report, you will see 16 total sanctioned events spread all through the 2019 CrossFit Games season. These events will behave as qualifiers for that Games and can permit the top placing male, female, and team at each event to earn their ticket to the CrossFit Games.

Over the last week, two events happen to be announced (Dubai Fitness Championships & The Granite Games) as sanctioned events for the 2019 CrossFit Games season, and Hammer mentions in the report that as many as 13 of the 16 locations happen to be essentially kept in, aka you will find potentially 11 events by at this time which have yet to be revealed.

Games Format & Qualifying?

In the report, Hammer touches on the few ways the 2019 CrossFit Games format will be different and that mostly is due to the filtering process of the higher amount of athletes. Since CrossFit will be using the top national qualifiers from countries with affiliates, then you will see a greater volume of qualifying athletes than in the past (ex: 162 countries with affiliates = 324 Games athletes).

In accessory for the national champions, the report states the top 20 athletes from the normal CrossFit Open who aren’t national champions will also earn an invite, and that’s would speculatively be over the 32 individual winners in the 16 sanctioned events.

From the report, Hammer states that CrossFit [Glassman] alluded to elimination style events for the first half of the CrossFit Games, that will essentially decrease the total volume of athletes by a substantial amount. Just how much so has not yet been disclosed, but Hammer does point out that it will probably be a smaller quantity of competitors within the finals times of the Games than what’s been seen in past years.

Lastly, Hammers explains that athletes who win a sanctioned event will get a slight advantage over other competitors [CrossFit?Open qualifiers & national champions], and this advantage might be a bye with the elimination rounds, or potentially doing them last. Although, no further details happen to be confirmed on this Games change.