10 Strength Athletes You Didn't Realize Were in Movies

When you think about strength athletes that act, you probably consider the reigning World’s Strongest Man? Hafthor Bjornsson’s role as?The Mountain on?Game of Thrones.?Beyond that, well… athletes who dive right in to movies are usually bodybuilders or super well-known in mainstream circles, like when J.J. Watt cameoed in?Bad Moms.?

It’s not every that common for strength athletes, but after spotting not one but?two?World’s Strongest Men in the latest?Kickboxer?movie, we decided to perform some digging and discover the cameos you may have missed.

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1. Brian Shaw C Kickboxer: Retaliation

The surprisingly well-received Kickboxer: Retaliation got lots of hype in the strength community after Hafthor Bjornsson was cast as the main antagonist, but even we missed the small role that four-time World\’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw had like a kind-of-villainous training partner of the protagonist Kurt Sloane.

Shaw gives him a fast beatdown about 39 minutes into the film, and nine minutes later he reappears for Sloane to kick?his?butt to be able to show the audience how good he\’s been trained. Interestingly, he appears immediately after coach Mike Tyson tells Sloane, \”The strongest man doesn\’t always win, but the smartest you do.\”

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2. Mat Fraser C Blue Mountain State: An upswing of Thadland

After its cancellation, the creators of Spike TV\’s Blue Mountain State, a comedy in regards to a fictitious nfl and college football team, launched a Kickstarter campaign for any potential movie and promised speaking roles for the biggest donations.

So when we saw that three-time World\’s Fittest Man? Mat Fraser includes a line within the 2016 film (round the 9-minute mark), we determined that either he was responsible for a big contribution or the producers were just big CrossFit fans. After the football coach gives an angry cheerleading routine about how exactly much his team sucks, Fraser remarks, \”Kinda catchy!\”

3. Harold Sakata C Goldfinger

The third and arguably best James Bond film, Goldfinger has many states fame. It had been the first Bond film to be nominated to have an Oscar, it was Roger Ebert\’s favorite from the series, also it had maybe the weirdest henchman gimmick yet: Oddjob, the person with the ability to throw a deadly, razor-rimmed hat.

He was played by Harold Sakata, a Hawaiian-born pro wrestler who actually began like a successful Olympic weightlifter. He won a silver medal for the Usa at the 1948 London Olympics, lifting as many as 410kg in the light-heavyweight division. (In those days the total was made up of your snatch, clean & jerk, and overhead press.)

4. Brooke Ence C Wonder Woman

Brooke Ence has probably had the highest profile film appearance for any CrossFit? athlete, landing a job being an Amazonian warrior in Wonder Woman and its follow-up, Justice League.

When her second movie came out there is just a little controversy over her costume reaching that skimpiness that would inconvenience a real warrior but in nevertheless Ence spoke very positively about her experience, though she later said on Instagram that she was “super bummed” that almost all of her scenes were cut from the final film.

5. Mark Henry C MacGruber

Appearing in the 1-minute mark within this \”MacGruber recruits an all-star team of badasses for his team of mercenaries\” – most of whom are WWE wrestlers – Henry\’s appearance within this criminally underrated 2010 comedy is fairly brief, but it was a great surprise when we were watching it.

Henry, who also offers IMDb credits in other movies as “Tough Voice Guy” and “Bouncer #2”, isn\’t just a wrestler. The man still holds the all-time superheavyweight raw deadlift world record from the 903-pound lift he earned in 1995, plus he would be a three-time U.S. National Weightlifting Champion and Olympic athlete in the mid-90s, setting multiple records along the way.

6.?Eddie Hall C Transformers: The final Knight

The most recent and worst-reviewed Transformers movie opens with an expensive-looking battle between King Arthur\’s knights and a barbaric horde of Saxons. Front and center in the crowd of whooping savages? 2017\’s World\’s Strongest Man? Eddie Hall in a blink-and-you\’ll-miss-it cameo.

In a job interview with BarBend, Hall told us that he receives \”loads of film offers” but “it’s all been shit,” noting he’d rather not do background work and instead have a meatier role as a villain. We wouldn\’t be surprised if that\’s simply because it\’s one more arena in which he really wants to beat Hafthor Bjornsson. Hey, he\’s still got that deadlift- for now.

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7. Elliot Storey C Father from the Year

While both of them earned an uncommon 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, this 2018 David Spade vehicle wasn\’t quite as big a hit for Netflix since it\’s previous Happy Madison collaboration The Ridiculous 6. But we have to say i was delighted when, while absentmindedly watching Father of the season one rainy Saturday afternoon, we had David Spade compete inside a Colonial wife-carrying competition.

It wasn\’t until later we realized the race featured BarBend contributor, strongman, and winner from the of 2016 United states Wife Carrying Championship Elliot Storey together with his wife Giana. They seem alongside Spade before and through the race at around the 50-minute mark – check out Storey’s article on training for the bizarre strength event here.

8. Aleksey Lovchev?C?Heavyweight

After testing positive for banned substances and being served with?a multi-year ban?from international competition, Russian weightlifter Aleksey Lovchev kept busy by starring in a movie in regards to a down-on-his-luck weightlifter who wanted to be becoming world champion.

The movie became accountable for the widely disseminated footage above of his character hitting a global record clean & jerk of 270 kilograms (which many mistook as real) and it\’s currently available to watch on YouTube – but without subtitles.

9. Rick Zumwalt C Over the Top

Also our favorite strength sports movies ever, this corny Sylvester Stallone classic revolves around a gold hearted trucker who just really wants to get custody of his son, which requires money that can only be earned by winning an all-star arm wrestling competition.

Former arm wrestling world champion Rick Zumwalt, who had been even the first strongman to do in Cirque du Soleil, had enough clout within the sport and acting experience to become offered a job as the main antagonist Bull Hurley. Scott Norton, John Brzenk, and other pro arm wrestlers also make cameos during the climactic competition.

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10. Zydrunas Savickas C Chasing Solace

Described as \”a dramatic comedy filmed in Lithuania carrying out a journey shared by a united states traveler and Lithuanian native,\” IMDb estimates this very obscure and never very well-lit movie had a teeny budget of $25,000. And it\’s virtually impossible to locate much more information about it.

Credited as \”?iauliai Bar Guy,\” Savickas appears in a tavern in the northern Lithuanian city in the 17-minute mark. (The director uploaded the entire movie to YouTube.) There the four-time World’s Strongest Man and eight-time winner of the Arnold Strongman Classic exchanges words with the diminutive female protagonist, who punches him within the stomach and he keels over in pain. Presumably the woman has superhuman strength – we wouldn\’t know, since the copy we saw didn\’t have any subtitles.

Did we miss any cameos or acting roles from your favorite strength athlete? Tell us within the comments!

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