Larry Wheels Shoulder Presses An amazing 500 lbs

Across all strength sports, one athlete that continually blows your brain of his fans, the internet, his fans, and virtually any living thing with a pulse is Larry Williams, also known by his nickname Larry Wheels. It appears as though whenever we open Instagram, or any site focused on lifting, Wheels can there be being discussed for just one of his latest videos.

His most recent clip has not only sparked discussion concerning the lift itself, but also speculation concerning how Wheels would perform in other strength sports. The man is known to most being an elite powerlifter, and currently holds two all-time world records. To others, he’s referred to as a bodybuilder after he won his first official show in California earlier this February. To his Instagram commenters he’s also referred to as someone who’s “not even human,” or “leaving humanity behind“, a running joke that’s routinely made any time he posts a lifting vid.

After his latest, we’re starting to wonder ourselves. Yesterday, Wheels shared a monster shoulder press video also it is available in the form of a 227kg/500 lb overhead press. On a side note, this really is one of the strongest pound for pound presses we’ve seen in the last few months, and it looked like Wheels were built with a bit more in him.

Author’s Note: The recording below highlights Wheels’ latest 500 lb should press. For those having problems viewing the recording on mobile – visit here!?

And if you wish to see more of Wheels’ latest lifting videos, you\’ll be able to check out this article we wrote two weeks that covered the epic shoulder training session he had?with Stan Efferding and Hafthor Bjornsson.

Is shoulder training not your thing? More interested in a deadlift PR? We’ve got you covered. We recommend looking at out his 6-rep PR he made with Bjornsson earlier this month with 346kg/765 lb.

We don’t what you think, but we’re a lot more than pumped to determine the next time Wheels competes, regardless of strength sport.