8 Ways to Tell if Your Cat Runs the Household

By SkinnyMs.

If you’ve ever lived with a feline, the concept of cats running the household probably isn’t a foreign one. Many of our kitty companions have quickly worked their ways to the top of the household totem pole. Here are 8 ways to tell if your cat is the ruler of the roost.

1. She likes to sit on top of the fridge, or anywhere else where she feels as if she’s “above” everyone else.

2. If you’re working on the computer, she plants herself directly on top of the keyboard. This is more likely to occur when you’re up against a deadline.

3. Anytime you’re seated, she demands a spot on your lap. You are no permitted to move her and get up under any circumstance.

4. You have an added accessory for every outfit…her hair! It goes especially nicely on black sweaters and pants.

5. She turns up her nose at food that’s not “good enough”. Your food, however, always seems to pass muster.

6. No piece of furniture is off limits. The more expensive, or the more precarious, the better.

7. She can sleep anywhere in the house, but her top choice is your pillow. Generally, when you’re already using it.

8. Even the dog knows that she’s the boss!

Is your cat running the show in your home? Tell us about her quirky habits in the comments section!

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