5 Top Pet Videos of 2014

By SkinnyMs.

From the hilarious to the adorable, videos of dogs, cats, and other animals  always seem to capture our attention–and keep it for longer than we’d care to admit! No need to comb through Youtube’s archives for the cutest and most entertaining animal videos you can find. We’ve compiled the 5 top pet videos of 2014.

Cooper and Daisy are in for a treat—a kiddie cone from the drive through at McDonalds! We cracked up when we learned why Daisy always gets first dibs at the ice cream cone.

The alarm clock goes off, and this guy does not want to get out of bed. Trust us—we know the feeling! Who hasn’t done their fair share of whining before getting out of bed in the morning?

Our hearts melted on the spot when this 8-week-old pitbull puppy cuddled up to a newborn baby in her bouncer. Aww!

Matthew McConaughey accepted his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. Einstein deserves an Oscar for this impersonation of his iconic Dazed and Confused character. Alright, alright, alright!

These dogs just want to be friends…so badly! As it often happens, the cats are having none of it. Nothing’s funnier than a giant dog being bossed around by a tiny, imperious kitten.


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