Grab Some Chocolate Milk After Your exercise routine

Picture it: Jacksonville, Florida, 1965. Players for the University of Florida (UF) Gators football team are sapped and losing exorbitant amounts of weight after strenuous practices and games. Dwayne Douglas, former Gator and Philadelphia Eagles football player and then-assistant coach to the college team approaches UF kidney disease specialist and director from the UF College of Medicine\’s renal and electrolyte division, Robert Cade, to check out this never-before-researched phenomenon.

From this fateful encounter, a brand new beverage was created and the world of sports would never be the same. Gatorade helped the UF Gator freshman squad defeat an early dominating B team squad in a scrimmage. The next weekend, the college team soundly defeated the favored Louisiana State University Tigers next team fell apart in the fourth quarter. Now, when an athlete finishes a grueling game or perhaps a demanding workout, they are able to almost assuredly be seen grabbing a Gatorade or one of the other similar products made in its image.

The advantages of this fluid invention can\’t be denied. But what if a simpler and more practical answer was overlooked by Cade\’s cadre of researchers?

Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) claim there\’s a better alternative to helping an athlete achieve recovery after a workout. Which alternative is chocolate milk.

While this dairy beverage may not be as refreshing as the electrolyte-laden sport drink, the Baylor team discovered people who consumed chocolate milk after their workout were, when compared with people who didn\’t, were established to have a better workout the very next day.

\”If you appear at what goes into a great workout recovery drink, it is a mixture of protein and carbohydrates protein for rebuilding and repairing damage that occurs to tissues and carbohydrates for replenishing the energy which has been burned. The protein to carbohydrate ratio in chocolate milk really is not far from what we should know is fantastic for recovery,\” said Dr. Theodore Shybut, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at BCM.

Sure, Gatorade\’s benefits are intended to replace fluids lost during exercise. But when you put chocolate milk alongside products for example Muscle Milk, this childhood favorite comes off as equally beneficial but more desirable, thanks in no small way to the fact it is a cheaper option.

Shybut recommends consuming a single-serving of chocolate milk immediately after a person finishes your exercise routine after which another serving two hours later.

\”The early post-workout period is essential because soon after exercise, your muscles can absorb nutrients at a higher rate,\” said Shybut.

There is a caveat, he warns however. Athletes suffering from lactose intolerance should forego the post-workout chocolate milk routine. Additionally, it is not recommended you wait to incorporate this beverage to your routine until right before an upcoming competition. The advantage and also the ability to maximize the reward one receives from this is best realized once it\’s been part of a normal training schedule.