7 Delicious Spiralized Veggie Recipes

A spiralizer is a tool that is used to safely cut food into long, unbroken strips. A common use for this tool is to turn vegetables into noodles using the appropriate blade type. Vegetable noodles make a great substitute for regular noodles,¬†especially for those who need to avoid gluten for one reason or another. They’re healthier to boot, functioning in the carb’s place while containing all the nutrients of the vegetable. You can eat more of these spiralized veggie recipes while feeling less guilt!

A common vegetable to use is the zucchini, since it lends itself so well to the noodle shape since it’s already long. The one downside is it breaks up some of the zucchini’s fiber, so be aware of this when meal planning. A spiralizer can be used for many more things, so take this list of 7 delicious spiralized veggie recipes as inspiration!


Olive oil and “bread crumbs” made from almond flour are very light, simple additions to the zucchini noodles that transform them into something delicious. Season to taste for a basic look at what your spiralizer can achieve!

Eat them as a snack on their own or crumble them over your lunch, this versatile little crunchy can be eaten however you please. They can be spiced to taste or left with simply some olive oil as their seasoning, letting the delicious flavor of the sweet potato shine through.

Shrimp and tomatoes add some much needed red onto this pale green plate. They also add in some bold flavors, healthy omega-3s, and excellent antioxidants in addition to the vitamins and minerals zucchini provides.

Zucchini can be turned into something more than noodles! These will be lighter than the sweet potato crunchies above, and work just as well as both a topping and a snack! What you use comes down to preference.

A lighter and healthier take on this popular and beloved dish. Everything is lighter: the cheese, the sauce, and of course, the noodles!

A straight slice setting on the spiralizer can be used with this recipe. With a few kinds of vegetables and a skim ricotta, this pie is a perfect way to shake up dinner time!

Red peppers are rich in antioxidants which they bring to this take on the zucchini pasta. Pine nuts add in some hard, crunchy texture to balance out how soft and smooth the noodles and sauce are.

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